WorkFree: how to create new homeworking environments that are happy, healthy and effective

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There is a strong relationship between wellbeing at work, job satisfaction and performance. As the world of work evolves at a rapid pace, it has never been more important to ensure that home-based office workers are able to work in a safe, comfortable and happy environment.

We believe that to be successful, the aim for employers and employees alike should be the creation of working environments that support and encourage health and wellbeing. In other words salutogenic workplaces, rather than those that simply focus on preventing harm or curing problems associated with a workplace.

In response to the shift to home based working, Fusion Spaces (with whom I work closely with) has developed a new home workers assessment method, WorkFreeTM based on three equally important foundations, which will enable employers and employees to achieve the mutually beneficial goal of healthy, happy and effective work.

  • Assurance. To enable employers to meet their responsibilities and obligations to ensure that employees have a safe place to work. This includes compliance with legal requirements, and the need to provide the necessary evidence for compliance and benchmarks for continuous improvement
  • Comfort and quality. To ensure that home-based workers can set up an effective and comfortable working environment that suits them, and which gives them access to a range of professional quality (but domestic scale) products to support and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Freedom and empowerment. To ensure that that home-based workers are empowered to manage their work and space. Employers must respect boundaries of privacy, minimise intrusion into the private space of their employees (physically and digitally), and recognise and respect different domestic and family arrangements without judgement

More information on WorkFreeTM can be found here, or please email

We have produced a White Paper as well, which you can download

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