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Creating working environments that are happy, healthy and effective at the office and in the home


Purposeful Places is all about creating better interior spaces, especially workspaces (whether in a traditional office, a homeworking environment or anywhere else). I work with interior designers, employers, interior landscapers and others to help them deliver healthy, happy, engaging and productive work environments.

I believe that to be successful, the aim for employers and employees alike should be the creation of working environments that support and encourage health and wellbeing rather than those that simply focus on preventing harm or curing problems associated with a workplace. Research carried out over the last quarter century backs that up and consistently shows that the best way to make office space work is for it to be designed with the end users (not imposed on the end users).

Over the last quarter century, I have gained knowledge, experience and expertise in a wide variety of disciplines relating to the design and management of healthy working environments. There is often a disconnection between the design and management of the physical space and the corporate culture and management style of employers. I can help you to connect the two, which should lead to better outcomes for everyone. You can find out more about the specific services I offer here.

The web site is also home to a blog, covering thoughts and ideas about all aspects of wellbeing and workspace design – please follow and let me know what you think. Your comments and suggestions are always read. I also post on Twitter (@Biophilia_etc) and LinkedIn as well, so you can let me know your thoughts at any time.

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An evidence-based approach to improving IAQ could save you time, trouble and unnecessary expense. My new white paper is available to download.

Can indoor plants really improve indoor air quality?

A lot of indoor plant sellers will tell you that indoor plants will purify the air. Sometimes, they refer to experiments carried out by NASA to prove the point.  However, careful analysis of some of these claims shows that the claims are often exaggerated, or taken out of context. That doesn’t mean that plants have […]

Indoor plants for a quiet life

I recently came across an interesting video, via a post on LinkedIn, on YouTube that explained, with the aid of Nerf guns of all things, how room acoustics could be modified by using different shaped acoustic panels. The explanation is simple and very elegantly delivered. It also reminded me of some research carried out in […]


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