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Creating working environments that are happy, healthy and effective at the office and in the home


I have set up Purposeful Places to help organizations improve their workplace effectiveness (including home-based settings) in a way that won’t require you to re-build your premises or spend a fortune.

There is a strong relationship between wellbeing at work, job satisfaction and performance, so as the world of work evolves at a rapid pace, it has never been more important to ensure that home-based office workers, as well as those working in offices and other locations, are able to work safely, comfortably and, most importantly of all, happily.

I believe that to be successful, the aim for employers and employees alike should be the creation of working environments that support and encourage health and wellbeing rather than those that simply focus on preventing harm or curing problems associated with a workplace.

Research carried out over the last quarter century consistently shows that the best way to make office space work is for it to be designed with the end users.

Most office workers have their office space design imposed – design is “done to” the worker. More enlightened employers might use a designer that understands that design should be “done for” the benefit of the office worker – and these spaces are probably more effective. However, the best benefits come from when design is “done with” the end user. After all, they actually do know what works best for them.

Purposeful Places uses a research-backed methodology to help you achieve your objectives through design and management of work spaces, (wherever they are) and the engagement and empowerment of your people.

The web site is also home to a blog, covering thoughts and ideas about all aspects of wellbeing and workspace design – please follow and let me know what you think. Your comments and suggestions are always read. I also post on Twitter (@Biophilia_etc) and LinkedIn as well, so you can let me know your thoughts at any time.

Thanks for visiting,

Kenneth Freeman

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