Workplace engagement team events

Boost engagement and wellbeing by harnessing your team’s creativity and their innate need to connect to nature. Book a half-day workshop that will leave you with professional quality plant displays designed, created and nurtured by your team

Research has revealed that workplaces are better when they are enriched with items such as plants, art, ornaments and personal effects – productivity, wellbeing and engagement always improve.

Plants, in particular, are especially beneficial. They provide a connection with nature, have some impact on indoor air quality and acoustics, look beautiful and are incredibly trendy – houseplants are everywhere.

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Traditional office plant rental companies will provide you with fantastic interior plant displays which you can rent and have professionally maintained.

I have spent much of the last 25 years working for the largest interior landscaping company in the world, and they are excellent. Customer service is exemplary, designs are imaginative and the quality of horticultural care is best in class. Most of the leading companies in the industry operate to similarly high standards.

However, what you don’t get is that personal connection between the people in the office and the plants in their workspace.

Our half day workshop, held in your office, includes information about the benefits of interior plants, how they grow and where they come from. This is followed by a hands-on activity when your staff can create their own office plant displays using professional-grade plants, planters and accessories. They can choose the plants and learn all about them and how to care for them – this is very therapeutic as well as being a fun break from the day-to-day activities of the office.

Working in groups of two or three, your team will realise their identity, bond with each other and the plants and gain some useful skills that they can apply to their own houseplants at home.

All you need to provide is some space – everything else is included in the cost of the workshop, including protective floor coverings. Don’t worry about any mess – unless someone is really clumsy, this is a clean activity (although don’t wear your best clothes!)

Contact us now to arrange a workshop and discuss prices for your event.

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