Kenneth Freeman’s Well Plant Service

Independent expert assessment and troubleshooting service for interior landscape projects

What is the Well Plant Service?

A Well Plant Service visit is an independent detailed technical and horticultural evaluation of an interior landscaping project carried out by one of the world’s leading experts in interior horticulture.  The service can be used to identify and solve problems, help resolve disputes and be part of a quality assurance programme.

Interior landscapers may use the service to provide extra reassurance to customers or to help interior landscapers decide what needs to be done when taking over an account.

Property managers and FMs may wish to commission a site visit and report when contractors change, or if they need independent expert advice for dispute resolution, or to report to a corporate head office or other senior authority.

What does the service include?

The basic service includes a site visit and detailed examination of the plants and the environment.  Light, temperature and humidity will be assessed to determine whether the plants are being kept under the correct conditions. A report will be produced, which will include recommendations and a suggested action plan and would include the following:

  • Pre-visit phone calls to discuss what is needed and to get any relevant background information and ensure that there are no conflicts of interest
  • Attendance on site, anywhere in the UK, Ireland and Western Europe (subject to Covid-19 travel and quarantine restrictions)
  • Discussions on site with relevant people to identify concerns and to get a history
  • Detailed inspection of plants, trees from ground level and canopy level (if access available, e.g. from an overlooking balcony) and green walls
  • Light, temperature and humidity measurements, including an assessment of useful daylight
  • Assessment of soil and irrigation
  • Assessment and identification of pests, diseases and physiological disorders or disorders caused by environmental conditions. I am one of only eleven people in the UK with a BASIS certificate specifically for interior landscaping
  • Photographs and diagrams
  • Full written report with recommendations and an action plan
  • Soil samples for analysis can also be carried out to check nutrients and soil pH, but the samples would have to be sent to an external laboratory, so would be charged at cost.
  • All tools, etc. would be sanitized, and I will carry out the work wearing disposable gloves and a face cover.
Identifying a pest infestation and recommending a treatment programme

What types of premises can be visited?

A Well Plant Service visit can be carried out in any type of premises: shopping centres, offices, hotels, retail stores, or anywhere that plants are installed in buildings.

How much will it cost?

Prices will be based on the size and complexity of the project to be assessed, and will be discussed and agreed before a visit is booked. A cancellation fee may be charged if the site visit is cancelled at short notice.

How is the report prepared and presented?

A detailed report will be sent electronically in PDF format to the party that arranged the site visit, and to other relevant individuals if required. The report will be yours to do with as you wish, but must not be edited or quoted out of context. I will keep a copy of the report, which will be considered the definitive version. My professional integrity and reputation is important, so my report will be dispassionate and objective. Please do not ask for a favourable report or for criticisms to be toned down or removed.

If required, the findings can be discussed with, or presented by me, to interested parties, but this will incur additional costs.

In cases where the site visit and report is commissioned for the purposes of dispute resolution, agreement on who is responsible for commissioning and paying for the service must be decided beforehand.

Please note, the report will be written in English.

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