What we do

Purposeful places: affordable workspace consultancy that makes your work place happier, healthier, greener and more effective

We are determined to help organizations of all sizes (but especially smaller businesses) create better workspaces, whether office-based or at home, that encourage greater wellbeing, performance and engagement

Design and technical project consultancy for interior designers and interior landscapers

As experts in interior landscaping, Purposeful Places can help you with the specification, design, technical and operational aspects of creating interior plant displays, from the simplest to the most complex.

We can advise on:

  • Plant choice
  • Indoor environmental requirements (such as light, temperature, soil conditions, etc.)
  • Procurement, plant maintenance procedures
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Environmental procedures
  • Safe working and risk assessments.

We also provide interior landscapers requiring advice on training, development and operational excellence and other technical / horticultural needs here.

Wellbeing and biophilic design

Wellbeing and biophilic design are buzzwords, but what do they really mean? Well, they are ways for businesses to be more productive and profitable by looking after the health and wellbeing of people.

Up to 90% of the costs of running a business, especially an office-based business, are people. Premises costs and energy only account for about 10%. If you can reduce absenteeism, improve health and engagement, reduce staff turnover and win the battle for talent, then the impacts on your bottom line will be substantial.

Biophilic design is not just a trendy way of decorating your building with plants, it is about making spaces that stimulate the senses in such a way as to reduce stress and discomfort by understanding biology and reminding ourselves that we are animals with particular environmental needs, which are shaped by our evolutionary history.

Indoor air quality

Kenneth Freeman is a RESET Accredited Professional and can advise on IAQ monitoring, data and solutions (especially relating to the use of green walls and planting).

There is a multitude of variables involved in what makes for good indoor air quality and that is why it is important to build an evidence base before throwing a solution into a building. Reliable, credible and accurate IAQ monitors coupled with robust data handling and reporting is essential to ensure the success of an IAQ management programme.

IAQ monitoring is also a useful tool for employee empowerment – having visibility of real-time, reliable and independently-verified data gives employees the authority to challenge building managers to ensure a healthy working environment. Companies also have a very visible way of demonstrating to employees, customers, guests, etc. that they take IAQ seriously and are managing it.

RESET also aligns with several wellbeing and environmental standards.

Workspace effectiveness

Workspace effectiveness is not just about designing an office, nor is it about expensive consultancy. It is about recognizing that the most effective driver of performance in an organization is having an empowered workforce that feels as if they are being treated as adults.

Office design is an important factor in all of this, of course. Having a space that allows you to carry out your business activities safely and efficiently is very important, but to get the maximum benefit, you need to do more.

However, the world of work is changing fast, especially office work. There was already a growing understanding of the need to create more humane workspaces. With the rise of co-working offices, flexible, activity-based workplaces appeared to be suggesting that the days of traditional offices, where people worked as a matter of course, were perhaps numbered.

The Covid-19 crisis has proved to be massively disruptive for all sorts of obvious reasons. However, it has also catalysed the trend towards a time when some degree of home working becomes the norm for increasing numbers of office workers.

Contact Purposeful Places to find out more about:

  • WorkFreeTM home-based workplace wellbeing assessment system, developed in collaboration with, and offered by Fusion Spaces
  • Evidence-based interventions – really understanding your needs and tailoring solutions to help you achieve your goals using research-backed methodology that has proven success
  • Biophilic design, in collaboration with trusted partners – Kenneth Freeman is a pioneer in biophilic design and is an influential figure and thought leader in the field
  • Indoor air quality assessments and appropriate solutions – understanding the human factors as well as the physical interventions for offices and home workers – Kenneth Freeman is a RESET Accredited Professional and can advise on IAQ monitoring, data and solutions (especially relating to the use of green walls and planting)

Workplace effectiveness team activities

Effective workplaces start with engaged and empowered people, and they are best when their environment is optimised for comfort. Why not combine the two? Our half day programme will result in a stronger team and an enriched, empowered workspace fitted out with professional quality plant displays, designed, created and nurtured by your team.


Owners of SMEs care for the planet as much the CEOs of major corporations, but often struggle with the complexities of environmental audits and greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

If you are more interested in actually making a difference than producing glossy reports for shareholders, then we can help.

Big impacts can be made simply and cheaply through behaviour change programmes and by identifying and empowering your most motivated team members to become the green leaders in your business. Contact us to set up a bespoke programme for you. If you want to go down the certification route, we can recommend some trusted partners as well.

Specialist consultancy and representation

Purposeful Places is all about making workplaces better – this is the interaction between people and place. As well as evidence-based design, wellbeing and biophilia, we know about indoor air quality, ambient scenting, workplace product development and evaluation (including end-user tests), and colleague engagement programmes.

For employers:

  • New colleague engagement – bespoke programmes that will reassure your new employees that they made the right choice in choosing to work with you
  • Continuing colleague engagement – enabling your teams to deliver excellent customer service through building a culture of empowerment and transparent communication