Biophilic design in the new workplace

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Dr Vanessa Champion, editor of the Journal of Biophilic Design last week. We discussed biophilic design in the new workplace and also biophilic design in the home working environment (which is, for many, going to be the workplace for a significant portion of the working week).

Personalisation of space is a key message in this podcast. There are tips on how Biophilic Design supports and benefits the whole person and how it enhances a whole sensory environment. Some designers might separate off those elements from Biophilic Design, but they are all an integral part, including views, improved acoustics, lighting, ergonomics and when used together provides us with an holistic solution. It’s all about comfort.

As a horticulturalist, I also discuss the benefits of plants, and we also talk about new styles of workplace and ways of working. People are talking about new hybrid ways of working, where some are working from home, some are in the office, and some half and half. Creating collaborative spaces, being able to break up big expanses of open plan offices with planting is an excellent idea. It also will give the feeling of comfort, improved acoustics, privacy.

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